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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

^And you're making the mistake a lot of fans make: assuming that your own personal opinion is somehow a widely held consensus among fandom as a whole. It's easy for online fans to convince themselves that their views are the majority view, because the Internet tends to segregate us into our own echo chambers of those who agree with us. But there's really nothing that all of fandom agrees on. Yes, there are fans who disliked the religious aspects of DS9, but there are plenty of other fans who found them intriguing and refreshing and wished that Trek would deal with spirituality more often. It's not a mistake for a writer to avoid worrying too much about what some particular group of fans might like or dislike; it's a necessity if you want to be able to function as a writer at all. Since there's nothing that all fans agree on, if you try too hard to pander to one group of fans, you'll just alienate other groups of fans. The only way to proceed is to tell the story that works best for you, the writer -- to tell it with as much integrity as you can, to tell the story that you feel needs to be told in the way it needs to be told.
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