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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

82. Atlas Shrugged-Part Two: C+
83. Alex Cross: A-
84. RockNRolla: B-
85. Paranormal Activity 4: B
86. Argo: A+

While normally this type film is one I'd just wait for DVD due to no big action moments, cinematography or material that screams "I'm worth $12 for and noticeably better on the big screen" I went. My friend and I both really enjoyed it and she loves Little Miss Sunshine so when she saw Alan Arkin it made the whole event. Ar-go fuck yourself.

Ben Affleck deserves all the props his peers and audiences can give him cause like Titanic where you ultimately know the end a great job is done of building tension in those final 20-ish minutes of the film. Will they/won't they make it out of Iran or not?

For it's third weekend in release my 9:40 showtime was 80% full. Impressive for many reasons.
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