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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

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Fine. Accidental or not, All I want is for Mockingbird Lane to have the same chance.
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Honestly, sometimes I hate being on this board...

By "accidental," I was referring to G-Man's response to my references to other shows that got six episodes or less before cancellation, not the cancellation itself, which of course wouldn't have been a fucking "accident."

And yes, I'm perfectly aware that the show would have to be picked up first to get the same chance the other shows got, which I thought was the point when I wrote "I would like the show to get the same chance." I'm not a fucking moron.
I'm not sure how reciting an Iconic Quote from Babylon 5 makes you believe I was calling you a moron, so, all I can do is say I'm sorry and tell you there was no intention whatsoever to imply any lack of intelligence
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