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Re: The Doomsday Machine - now 45 years old

And still brilliant. As far as I remember, it's the first episode I saw and I watched it with my dad as a kid on VHS.

Very captivating with some very good performances from the leads. The conclusion is always tense no matter how many times you view it.

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The planet killer looks a lot better in the updated version, IMHO. I watched on Netflix recently.
I disagree. I thought it looked pretty dreadful. It looked really out of place and it wasn't even a well rendered design- it seemed very fake and lacking body. The kind of thing I'd imagine a 17 year old working with some freeware software in his spare time to produce and upload to YouTube, where he'd get comments along the lines of "Good work!" and "Good to see you embracing the TOS legacy!".

I've seen a lot of contrary opinion but I always thought the original looked pretty good and pretty real. It looked old and worn, and dangerous.

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