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Re: Skyfall - Grading & Discussion

Saw it Friday morning and I really, really like it. To be honest I need to see it again to really figure out where it sits in the Bond pantheon for me, but going out on an early limb I think this is my favourite Craig Bond film, certainly the first one that wasn't embarrassed to be James Bond film, and despite its long running time I thought it was paced near perfectly (unlike Casino Royale) I was never bored and I could barely take my eyes off the screen, it had me entranced.

The humour was well done, the action scenes great, and the casting very good. The only downside to Bardem was that I wanted to see more of him!

I have few plot issues. Silva's plan

I'm being overly picky I know, and hell I re-watched Goldeneye the other day and that's full of holes too, doesn't stop me loving it.

I loved all the Bond references as well, like DAD only much more subtle:

I thought Harris and Whishaw were great, and I've always been a big fan of Finnes...have to say, when he ducked and grabbed the gun did anyone else wish we'd got to see Finnes' take on 007? He is only 5 years older than DC after all!

With regard to M

Direction very good, no confusing action scenes this time. Soundtrack good, though seemed a bit of a pick and mix, and whilst I understood at the end why they shifted the gun barrel there again, I really hope it's back at the start next time. I liked the titles, though they took some time to warm up, I do wonder if we'll ever get a sequence as cool as Casino Royale again mind you.

I think Dench had the funniest lines as well
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