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Re: The Borg in JJverse

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The thing is the Borg Queen doesn't come off as the way you describe her, there several times where the Borg Drones are doing something and she orders them to stop it, like when the drones attacked Data in FC and the Borg Queen orders them to stop it. If the Borg Queen is just a physical representation of the collective mind, she should not need to order drones around.
True, but I view that as a representation for the audience so we know what was happening. I mean, technically, we shouldn't be able to see the beams of directed energy weapons like phasers - ever see a beam coming out of a laser pointer? But it's included as a representation so the viewer can see what is happening. With the queen, if everything was just in her mind, the viewer would have no way of knowing. We'd just see the drones attacking Data in FC, then suddenly stop, and we'd have no idea why. So they have her making some action so we know that she is the cause.
OT, but to be fair, phasers are not lasers. No, we shouldn't see the beam from a laser weapon, but that rule doesn't necessarily apply to a beam of energized particles, which is what a phaser is. Not to detract from your point though -- just saying there are better examples because we actually should see phaser beams
Like the time we SAW the transfer of memories from one person to another in Dax's Zhiantara?
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