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Re: ST:TNG Blu-ray Episode Guide Inserts - Season 1

I like the way TNG has been remastered. it is more or less the way the show was meant to look. Seeing how much of the picture quality was lost when the film was transferred to videotape I don't think I could go back to the SD DVDs, the picture quality of course just does not hold up on the flat screen TVs and after seeing the proper colours, the salmon hued SD images just can't hold a candle. The planets are very faithful to the originals, in fact they are the originals but with just more detail.

I usually hold onto the DVDs if the version is different a la Blade Runner Theatrical Cut and Blade Runner Final Cut/Direcotr's Cut and Star Trek: The Motion Picture Director's Edition and Theatrical Cut. Also a box set if signed.

Can I ask if those who have TNG on blu ray, wil you be going back to the DVDs or seliing them or giving to your trek friends who have not been able to afford the sets?
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