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Re: Was it ever stated officially why Harry was an Ensign for 7 years?

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Have you ever tried to do up buttons all up your back? Velcro would be just as hard, if not harder because you would need it nice and flat, not lumpy where you mistuck it.

Janeway will need assistance into her dress ups.
You know (in theory) how male strippers have tear away trousers?

Janeway's invisible seem would be hidden on her frontside of her period costume.

or are to suspect that there is a holochanging room staffed intimately with laddies in waiting and manservants... Vallets? like some antechamber off to the side of the holodeck?

If such a service was useful... most of the crew would have holoemitters in their quarters.

Yet still no bugger invited the doctor over to theirs for dinner.
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