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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

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So my question is to those that voted yes, how are you defining the term "Deus ex Machina"?
A complete cop out that comes out of nowhere in the current story.

Sure, the wormhole prophets had been well established in the SERIES.

But during the Dominion War, IIRC they had never been seen or even referred to in any way whatsoever.

I think the writers basically pulled them out of their ass when they realized that "Hey!, there is no way we can plausibly have the Federation/Klingon forces win".

or more probably

"Hey, we've already blown the effects budget. No way we can show a big battle in and around Deep Space Nine now".

By the way, I've always hoped to do a YouTube video where the Dominion reinforcements are actually wiped out when the Defiant releases a monstrously huge specialized warhead inside the wormhole.

And only a fraction of the Dominion ships escape into the Alpha Quadrant (following the fleeing Defiant)...but they are then cut down by the Federation/Klingon fleet along with DS9s firepower (controlled by Rom).
Being a cop-out is not the same as a deus ex machina.
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