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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

I thought it was a very enjoyable hour of television, and would love to see more on the off-chance that that's in the cards. It struck just the right chord between faithfulness for fans of the original and freshness for new viewers and those looking for something different.

Izzard was the standout as Grandpa, and delivered a funny and compelling performance as someone who makes no apologies for what he is yet still loves his family a great deal. An almost unrecognizable but still gorgeous de Rossi also gave a great performance as the more conflicted Lily. O'Connell's Herman was somewhat subdued, but still well done, and the kid playing Eddy did a good job as well. Marylin was the only one who was so so and not really noteworthy. I thought the supporting players of the scoutmaster and the neighbor's wife brought memorable performances to their short time onscreen.

The production design for the show was fantastic, from the standing sets of the interior of the mansion, to the exterior shots, and to the CGI Grandpa as full monster and Spot. I thought Lily's methods of entering, getting dressed, and uh, getting excited were extremely well done.

I don't understand what NBC was expecting tone-wise for this either, as it was right in Bryan Fuller's dark, quirky, morbidly amusing wheelhouse. I hope it gets a second chance, because I think it would be a great companion to Grimm and solid counterprogramming to ABC's Once Upon a Time.
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