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Re: Sacrifice of the Angels Ending A Deus Ex Machina?

I consider the act Deus Ex because it's basically phenomenally cosmic beings waving a magic wand and solving an unsolvable problem for the protagonists. That's not heroic no matter what way you spin it. Sisko being a religious figure to the Prophets, and part Prophet due to his conception. Really doesn't help. It's basically Sisko begging his extended supernatural family for a REALLY BIG FAVOR. He even says he needs a "miracle". By Sisko's admission during his conversation with the Prophets, the Prophets had sent the Bajorans, Orbs, Emissarys, and "encouraged" the Bajorans to create a religion based around the Prophets. Sisko proved the Prophets are very much involved in corporeal matters.

With regards to Sisko's Pah set to follow a different path. Wasn't season 6 episode 21 'The Reckoning' also slated to be the final destiny for the Emissary? It's amusing how all knowing, all seeing beings as the Prophets can't foresee so many alterations to their own designs.

With reagrds to 'Q Who', the Enterprise is transported to what I assume is the Delta Quad. by Q, in an attempt show Picard how unprepared he and the Federation are against the then unknown threat. After an exchange in battle and a desperate run away attempt, Q taunts Picard saying that he's locked in combat with a force he can't win against and should've stayed where he belonged. Humbled Picard asks for Q's help, in which Q sends the ship right back to where they were before he transported them to the Delta Quad. After that Q doesn't gloat but acknowledges Picards admission in a no win situation he had put them in. Picard didn't ask Q to destroy the cube/fight his battles for him.

While I do enjoy the theme SFDebris brought up about the Founders being false gods and the Prophets being the true gods. There is something diminishing about the Federations victory because it's basically "Fuck the Dominion we have GOD on our side".

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