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Was Capt. Picard negligent to crew safety in First Contact?

By refusing to abandon ship Ent-E for some time after it was clearly being overrun and assimilated by the Borg, and by forcing his crew to continue fighting a losing battle, was Captain Picard actually negligent in his duties to protect the lives of his crew? He seemed to allow his obsession with stopping the Borg delay his decision to abandon ship and set the auto-destruct ... in other words, he seemed to have been "emotionally compromised" ... which was why Starfleet was reluctant to have him face the Borg at the beginning of the movie. His actions seemed to prove their concerns to have been valid, because his hatred of the Borg did make him seem to fight obsessively for the overrun Enterprise, and many crewmembers lost their lives or were assimilated as a result, until Lily Sloane finally convinced him that he needed to order an abandon ship? Shouldn't he have ordered an abandon ship much earlier??

Also, would Worf and Crusher be considered negligent for not relieving the captain of duty, since they both seemed to recognize that the captain was letting his emotions cloud his command decisions - (Worf even said so, at which point Picard accused him of cowardice)? According the TOS, the chief medical officer does have the right to relieve a commanding officer of duty on the grounds of being emotionally compromised, as we saw Spock and McCoy do to Commodore Decker in "The Doomsday Device", and McCoy threatened it when Kirk became obsessed and put crew safety at risk in "Obsession" (and Spock was relieved of duty after being emotionally compromised in Star Trek 2009).

Was Picard negligent in his duties, to protect his crew?

I've always wondered this, since there seems to have been no consequences to his actions in FC ... it never seems to even be mentioned again in any later movie or literature, as far as I know ... (...I would assume the families of crew members who died at the hands of the Borg would be wanting to find out exactly what transpired aboard the Enterprise leading up to the abandon ship order, since their relative had not returned home, while many others would have ... , etc.)

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