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Re: How did TMP get a G rating?

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I've never seen that version of the script.
Mmmmm. I thought that scene was in my Lincoln Enterprises version of the script. Kirk and Alexandra are swimming when Kirk gets the message about the approach of the cloud entity and the destruction of the Klingon ships. My copy is packed away.

I also recall the former poster, The God-Thing, mentioning/remembering it - which makes me wonder, now, if that the scene was also in Roddenberry's lost/unpublished novel? But I certainly haven't read "The God-Thing".
Just read that draft of the script. Yep, she's there in the swimming scene. She also works for Nogura. She bites it in the transporter. Oh, and Kirk says he was going to ask her to marry him...but he fails to mention her again after the accident.
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