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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

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I rather enjoyed this and would like it to continue. I enjoyed how dark it got, though that could be a bit much for NBC. Too bad too, Izzard was great, and I enjoyed de Rossi too.
Nah. This is the same network that broadcasts cop shows where we see grisly bodies and murder scenes, hear stories about children being molested, and all sorts of people committing suicide. They can't use that as an excuse without being very hypocritical.
But those cop shows, the cops usually get the criminal.

Temis said it in a better way than I did, it's the morality of the protagonists having such gray morality, not the gore that makes it dark.

Plus, I wouldn't put it past NBC to do something hypocritical.
Point taken. I would just like someone to pick the show up. I would definitely watch it.
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