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Re: October Challenge: Hostel Defiant Takeover

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I'm not sure how you came to the conclusion that this is torture porn.
Well the glaringly obvious fact that it is quite clearly torture porn was quite a big factor in me jumping to that conclusion.
Have you seen the Enterprise episode "In A Mirror, Darkly"? It was a less campy take on the Mirror Universe than DS9's. It contained some disturbing scenes like the one with the Tholian and the one showing Phlox probably doing a vivisection of a dog. I think Tom Riker's story fits the atmosphere of that episode quite well.
There's really just one detailed torture scene, the one at the end, which is quite short. Torture porn means that the story is about people being tortured while this is a story about someone waking up in a nightmare, trying to prevent the worst and actually staying true to her oath and principles despite everything. Just because the movie "Hostel" is referenced in the title doesn't make this torture porn. The sub-genre does exist in fan fiction and I've seen stories of that kind (and wish I could unsee/unread them) and I don't really see that here. Such a story wouldn't be PG-13 anyway.

I do prefer somewhat happy or at least somewhat optimistic endings myself but story and in-universe logic doesn't always allow for these. And the Mirror Universe probably isn't a happy place.
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