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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

"NBC brass are said to be lukewarm at best on the show’s creative direction"...

Didn't they see Pushing Daisies? That would have told them precisely what to expect. Mockingbird Lane has exactly that charm, only darker (which honestly PD could have used, it could get too cloying.) They probably are scared at the grim humor, but I was instantly captivated by this pilot episode. I don't like much on broadcast anymore, but I'd watch this. Give us more, you NBC dopes!

Might as well just quote the whole thing...

As for Mockingbird Lane, there are some extra scripts written, so there conceivably could be more episodes, which would amortize the big price tag on the pilot, said to be approaching $10 million. The ratings performance for the pilot does not automatically warrant that, and NBC brass are said to be lukewarm at best on the show’s creative direction, but the special did not crash and burn, and a big DVR boost could help its chances. With NBC’s ratings gains extending to 10 PM where Dateline (1.5/5) was up 15% from last week to top the hour, the network won the night in 18-49, its first outright demo win on Friday with non-sports programming since Dec. 16 last year.
With a decent DVR boost, I could see the show getting a second chance. I don't think it needs any recasting, O'Connell is fine, the role is very different from the original Hermann but that's Fuller's perogative. The writing could be sharper. This pilot didn't have the snap of PD and dragged a bit at times, not enough to bother me, but I noticed it. There is plenty of potential here for a great ongoing series. Stuff like Lily not being vampy enough is easy to fix with some character development.

Another factor is whether Mockingbird Lane boosted Grimm. Its 1.9 on Friday is up significantly from last week's 1.5.

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