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It shouldn't be long now before R2 sends out the emails for the limited edition of the TOS Big "E". I got on the list right after they announced it at Wonderfest in 2011, and I got a Blue T-Shirt from the 1701 club, so there were ALOT of folks who signed up for the kit. As I understand it, there are more than the alloted 1701 kits to be made for the club, so your wife definitely needs to contact R2 to make sure she isn't on the wait list, otherwise, it could be a pain in the rear waiting to see if someone doesn't get theirs so you can have yours.

The retail kit is supposed to come out before Christmas, but I wouldn't hold my breath because you know how R2 has some issues with release dates, but one can always hope this is the one time they get it right.

I am also one of the old fart's who build models, I will be 49 in December RedFern, so I'm not far behind you lol AND I am also a Star Wars fan, as my forum handle implies.
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