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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
Thought it was wonderful - the most entertaining thing I've seen on TV in ages.

Izzard owned the damned thing. Brilliant.

Herman's introduction was a great sight gag. Making him look like the Universal Frankenstein or going any more retro with this than they did would be beyond stupid.

5.4 million viewers, there may be a chance. People have said it looked expensive for a weekly, but I don't really think so - use the CG creatures sparingly from week to week, and the sets, etc are amortized.

But then, I'd watch a "faithful" revival of The Munsters about...twice. I'd watch Mockingbird Lane every week.
Same here. I would watch it every week, if for nothing else than to see Eddie Izzard take the piss out of everything.
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