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Re: Mockingbird Lane - It didn't suck!

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Nope. It was intended as an ongoing series. After it was cancelled, Judd's people retroactively decreed it a mini-series so she could get nominated in the 'best actress in a minseries or movie' Emmy category.

Neither "Police Squad" (which was actually on ABC, BTW) or "Houser Street" were intended as anything other than ongoing series. They both got six episodes (actually, "Houser" only got five) simply because that is how long the networks decided to wait before cancelling them due to low ratings. In fact, in the case of "Houser," the network didn't even bother to air all the episodes filmed.
Fine. Accidental or not, All I want is for Mockingbird Lane to have the same chance.
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Honestly, sometimes I hate being on this board...

By "accidental," I was referring to G-Man's response to my references to other shows that got six episodes or less before cancellation, not the cancellation itself, which of course wouldn't have been a fucking "accident."

And yes, I'm perfectly aware that the show would have to be picked up first to get the same chance the other shows got, which I thought was the point when I wrote "I would like the show to get the same chance." I'm not a fucking moron.
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