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Re: VOTE thread: Misc. Avatar Contest - "What Makes You Smile?"

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How about any animal in a costume? Or costumes of animals to make it a bit of a broader topic? So, "animal costumes". Just an idea.
I hate animals in costumes. Not the animals themselves, but pictures of them, because I can't help but think they must be very uncomfortable in these things, and they can't even understand what they are for. Makes me want to call the animal protection groups.

Cat's don't understand what their collars are for, or why you have to trim their claws so they don't get stuck to the carpet, or why you have to give them a bath. That's why they're the friggin' cats. Millions of years of evolution has made us the dominant species on this planet, and because of that they will wear a cape and take a Halloween picture, dammit.

Besides, my cats are chill. It doesn't even bother them. I take a picture and take it off a minute later, and if they really were upset by it they'd be trying to bite it or scratch it off with their hind legs or they'd be crying about it. They have no problem letting you know when they don't like something.
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