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Making Sense of TOS Auxiliary Control

The subject of TOS auxiliary control has me a bit confused.

A lot of TOS deck plans I've seen (FJ's blueprints included) show an auxiliary control located in the saucer. I believe FJ labels his an "emergency bridge" and is located at the very heart of his main deck (deck 7). Unless someone can convince me otherwise, I have a hard time accepting the placement of a back-up control center in the saucer.

Take, for example, "The Doomsday Machine." Spock informs that "the entire bridge is damaged and uninhabitable," but "the rest of the ship seems able to sustain life." Obviously, had the entire saucer been uninhabitable, an aux. control in that hull wouldn't have done Decker any good since he would've been forced to seek survival and control of the ship in the engineering hull. In fact, it's quite possible that the aux. control room where he was found slumped over was in the engineering hull.

Hull separation would also require a back-up control center in the engineering hull. FJ must've been aware of this and includes another "main bridge-style" aux. control at the front of deck 19. (It looks like a bridge, so this must be a back-up control, right?)

I suppose if only the main bridge was disabled (as in "Doomsday Machine") and there was minimal damage to the other decks in the saucer (decks still able to maintain life support), an aux. control located somewhere in the middle of that hull (such as where FJ placed his) would make sense. I just can't see having an aux. control in each hull. Seems like overkill.

I'm not a big fan of FJ's TOS blueprints. There are a lot of things in his plans I don't agree with. I'm merely stating where he placed his aux. control centers.

Any thoughts or perceptions about this? Would like to read other's ideas for where aux. control should be, and their reasons why.

Thanks for your input!
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