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Re: Insignia Class Starship c. 2399

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I really, REALLY like that!! Original concept, but very Starfleet.

publiusr wrote: View Post
It shows the progression of ships. The saucer and secondary hull lost the neck in the sovereign, began to merge in Voyager, and now is finished.
That makes sense. Don't forget the poor little Defiant...

trynda1701 wrote: View Post
That is looking really nice, looking forward to seeing it fleshed out.

I can see this as being used by Starfleet testing out the newer technologies, perhaps slipstream drives? (It reminds me a little of the "Dauntless", while retaining the TOS insignia as its original inspiration.)
Thanks. I forgot all about the Dauntless... I certainly see similar lines.

I made some progress in SU

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