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Re: If you could own a shuttle, which one would it be?

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When I saw the thread title. I immediately thought of the Endeavour. It has the lowest miles and all I'd need is a really, really big towtruck. And a chainsaw for all of the trees. It's just sitting in a big garage in LA waiting to be nicked.
That would make a great news story, and a hilarious police chase! Its up there with when they were moving the Enterprise down the Hudson (I think) they crashed it into one of the bridges and damaged a wing.

If I could own a shuttle? One of the runabouts from DS9, they've great names.
There's a great time-lapse video of the Endeavour being moved through the streets of LA on Youtube. Someone should take that video and run it backwards. And cut in scenes of police cars racing through the streets. And end it with the shuttle being taken away on a 747. All set to the chase music from 'Benny Hill Show". They could call it "NASA steals Endeavour back".
As for MY Argo shuttle. It's got room for everything I need.
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