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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

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Yep, two great episodes. Samantha had to watch herself kissing O'Neill, knowing that he was probably finding out what her tongue was like and hoping he wouldn't blab to the rest of the team, much less to McKay or Felger.
I wish Trek had given us as much to play with in the shipping lines. Even after actually having sex with MU Dax there was no tensions, no lingering looks.. NOTHING from Sisko when he got back to his reality Dax. That's not even normal, even if he regretted it there should have been some embarrassment or discomfort when he first saw his Dax.
The Naquadah generator becomes a fixture throughout the series, and on into Stargate Atlantis.
Oh is it? Yes I have seen all of Atlantis but I'm quite the tech tard. I'll remember Hathor's nailpolish choices long before I'll remember doohicky devices that are gonna save the day.

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