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Re: Movie Caption Contest #225: Unpredictable Scenarios

Decker: Errr... Captain... I've been meaning to ask you, was it really necessary for us both to take demotions for you to assume command? Couldn't you have stayed an Admiral and me a Captain as your XO?

Kirk: Sorry Decker, it's the rules.

Decker: But the time it took me to to get a new uniform made (I see you had one ready) could have been used much better...

Kirk: I didn't write the rule book Decker!

Spock: Actually you did write that part of it Captain, just updated over the Spacenet this morning, Regulation 9875 sub section 45: The How I Get To Become A Captain Again By Sneakily Teaming Up With A Space Cloud To Get Rid of That Tit Decker clause.

Kirk: Circumstantial!
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