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Re: Why didnt Data create Lal v2.0?

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... why would he try again knowing it won't work?
How can you assume it won't work again? There were a number of human factors that caused Lal v1.0's failure. Again, creating Lal v2.0 would have a more positive environment than Lal v1.0 had. Like I said in my previous post, Data would receive support and resources from his well-placed and -connection contacts:
  • Commander Bruce Maddox
  • Vice Admiral Anthony Haftel
  • Crew of the Enterprise-D/E
  • Lieutenant Reginald Barclay
  • and various friends Data has made in the past
Maddox probably would and is trying to make a new Soong type android. Data doesn't really factor into the equation save as an end or maybe a means to an end being he wanted to take him apart to somehow reverse engineer him. ((Maybe that's what happened to Lore? )) Sure Data exchanged letters with him, but that seemed more akin to Data being polite than any genuine partnership. Certainly he didn't call him up when he made Lal, so why would he do so with any future projects? The guy's a jerk, and we're not even sure how smart he is given he couldn't even provide basic details as to WHY he thought taking Data apart would be the magic hand wave to make more androids. Data didn't think he knew what he was talking about.

Admiral Haftel tried and failed to fix Lal too. By all accounts her posatronic matrix just wasn't stable and that was what Maddox couldn't duplicate either. As moved as he was at the end of the episode, he had no problem yanking her out of Data's custody as a guinea pig. So he'd likely sign off on a future android, with or without Data.

As for Barclay? He never showed any aptitude towards robotics really. Given his experience with holodeck programing he likely could write up an android's software with the best of them, but Lal's problems were with her hardware.

As for Data's other acquaintances? Only Geordi really had any experience in the field, and that was from working with Data/Lore/B4. He's on record saying he couldn't duplicate it either, even though he didn't really put any effort into the project.

Again, it comes back down to the fundamental problem why Lal didn't work. Her hardware was faulty. Data found a new method at some robotics seminar that he thought might work. He tried it, it didn't. So unless a new method presents itself, why is he going to try again with a method that's proven not to work? None of the people you mentioned really are going to get around her hardware issues.
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