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Re: Who would you like to portray the 12th doctor?

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I still think Jason Fleyming or Idris Elba are the way to go for the doctor, but Elba has expressed interest in becoming the next Bond, so I doubt he could be both the doctor and Bond. No one gets that lucky (if he gets at least one of the roles, I'm a happy man). It looks like there's more chance of Elba becoming Bond than the doctor, so my main vote might lean towards Fleyming at the momment.

Can't really think of another actor I'd like to become the doctor right now. Alot of people want the guy from Sherlock to become doctor #12, but I can't see why. I can't stand that guy, and the doctors are getting too young now. The next doctor will probablybe a teenager at this rate, I could actualy see that happening. For all we know, Andrew Garfeild might become the next doctor.
Jason Flemyng is already 46, and it would be at least two years before we see the next Doctor, I personally wouldn't be against the idea, I think he could make a great Doctor
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