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Re: how big an improvement is the star trek motion picture director cu

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Kirk didn't want "to see the band get back together." He "used this emergency to get the Enterprise back." That's all he wanted: to command a starship again. [...] He's perfectly in character throughout.
Sure, but that's the trouble - of course Kirk would take advantage of the emergency to regain command of the Enterprise, else there'd be no movie! That is to say, any possible screenplay for a TMP written some years after the end of the TV series would (almost by definition) have to focus on an emergency situation that gets the gang back together, with ol' Jim in command.

The problem with any of the present versions of TMP is that it's just so rote in this respect. Any mechanism, no matter how inventive and enterprising, for getting the crew back together on their starship would in retrospect seem unexciting, the "deaths" of the guest stars notwithstanding (and irrespective of whether Vulcan has a moon).
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