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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

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The only "new" SF author I have discovered via blogger is Joan Slonczewski. I found her mentioned in an aside in Athena Andreadis' blog. But then, she's a practicing biologist. Insofar as she has a sideline in litereature, she promotes her stuff and her friends' stuff and, like Orson Scott Card, only attacks what she dislikes politically/culturally. (Different perspective from OSC.)
Well there you go.

There's at least one blogger that has standards similar to yours - and actually I read a rather interesting article by her on Ursula Le Guin a while back. To say she's different from OSC smacks of understatement, though.

There could be other bloggers p your alley, for all I know. Certainly I've found out about more potentially interesting authors in the past six months than I'd used to find for years. I'm not saying it's not ideal, and I'm not saying that major 'gatekeepers' - io9 in particular - don't make iffy calls. But the level of easily accessible opinions provides for more perspectives than one is used to, and that's generally a good thing.
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