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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

The nearest bookstore is seventy miles away, so browsing time is extremely limited.

At first glance, the suggestion that book blogs etc. are a good way to find out about new authors seems good. But we are talking about finding SF. There is a continuum from awards to publishing to magazines to fanzines to blogs. This continuum is largely delineated by the desire to advance authorial ambitions or get advertising. What we're talking about here is things like io9 or Abigail Nussbaum, reviews editor of Strange Horizons. All of this crew has an interest in lowering all critical standards and selling, instead of presenting objective views (as much as possible.) As in Charlie Jane Anders and Annette Newlin. These are the people with a self-serving interest in the SF=fantasy idiocy.

Or to put it another way, bloggers like Matthew Cheney or Hal Duncan or Abigail Nussbaum have only brought to notice fantasists, all the while insisting that they're also doing the same thing as SF. And by the way insisting that this is something new and wonderful. Well, Kelly Link is an amazing stylist but not amazing enough to overcome having nothing coherent to say.

The only "new" SF author I have discovered via blogger is Joan Slonczewski. I found her mentioned in an aside in Athena Andreadis' blog. But then, she's a practicing biologist. Insofar as she has a sideline in litereature, she promotes her stuff and her friends' stuff and, like Orson Scott Card, only attacks what she dislikes politically/culturally. (Different perspective from OSC.)

Self published ebooks? Not familiar enough. Seems like reading through a slush pile, you know rationally there must be the occasional jewel but the prospect is as forbidding as climbing Mt. Everest.
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