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Re: Is SF in a state of exhaustion?

stj - I could see what you're saying about finding new SF writers... by browsing a bookstand, although I still find that fairly easy to do (in that if there's a writer with a title released by let's say SF Masterworks, then I probably should check out that person). But given the existence of the internet and the boom of book blogs and so on it's probably easier to hear about unknown sci-fi authors right now then it has basically ever been in SF's history.

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in fact my favorite book of all time is fantasy (and it is actually a trilogy, but I cannot even consider them as separate books).
If you mean Lord of the Rings, you're right, they aren't seperate books. Tolkein wrote a single novel which was so big his publishers convinced him the only way to sell it was as a three volumes.
until at least we each get our own personal AI assistants that can read and pick the best stories for us to read (or likely download straight into our brain) helping us to avoid the 90%.
We're pretty close to that with internet recommendation systems. 'If you liked this you'll love that!'
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