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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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How did you make that second (and for that matter, that first) leap??
Nananananananana fishing!

Nananananananana Leader!

For a time I was considering calling her Batman, but I decided that would be too confusing and went with Dead Fish.

I guess what it comes down to is that I don't think the Prophets caused the penance, whatever it actually is, despite what is implied in the episode. (ie. They didn't kill Ziyal, they didn't make Dukat go crazy, etc.)
I agree that the Prophets didn't cause the penance or Ziyal's death, or any of that. But the Prophets did have some sort of intent for Sisko to confront the Pah-Wraiths, and they saw that by destroying the Dominion ships that confrontation would happen differently and would involve Dukat, and they saw that it would end in Sisko's "death". They didn't cause those events to happen, but they allowed them to happen because Sisko was so insistent on destroying the fleet.

This theory of mine is actually based on the original ending for the show where Sisko was going to be trapped in the wormhole, but they changed it to the current version where Sisko said he would return because of Avery Brooks' concerns. My opinion is that Sisko said he would return because he was determined to do so but didn't realise that he couldn't. A lot of people disagree with me about that, but I think that Sisko being trapped in the wormhole makes more thematic sense than an ending where he can return at any time, so that's what I go with. And since I don't read the novels, I'm free to do so.

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I still think Odo should've been the one killed at the end of this episode instead of Ziyal. He knowingly committed high treason against the Bajor and the Federation by linking with the Female Changeling. Kira would've been justified to execute him on the spot.
The way I see it, Odo was overwhelmed and made a mistake, but he soon realised that mistake and managed to save the day, so he can be forgiven. But that's just me being the softy liberal that I am.

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I like Sacrifice of Angels too, but I disagree about the disappearing fleet. I definitely think it's a very egregious deus ex machina, though I agree it's an important part in the Sisko/Prophets story.
I can certainly understand why you feel that way, I disliked the Prophets' intervention myself when I first saw it, but I guess I've just grown an appreciation for it over time. They could have just stopped the Dominion from taking down the minefield at the last second, but they decided to do something less expected and more personal instead. And like you said, I like the scene where Sisko pleads for help, it's an important part of his development.
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