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Re: If you could own a shuttle, which one would it be?

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Star Trek related answer would be the Argo from Nemesis. I'm sure it has all of the comforts of a runabout. Pluse a big cargo area with a vehicle for use on the ground. But the vehicle would have to be a warthog from Halo.

Judging from the size of the shuttle, the size of the buggie and the size of the runabout, I don't think there's much interior space left in the Argo-shuttle for comforts. Not unless you dump the buggie and refit the interior with a spacious cabin and such.

Anyway, for me it's either the Runabout or the Delta Flyer. People seem to forget that shuttle really are only the coupes of Star Trek, and really only good for a short trip. Where as the runabouts and the Flyer have big cabins with bunks and such for long, comfortable trips. They're the RV's of Star Trek.
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