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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

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My problem, and by far my biggest problem even with all the other stuff, was that they had professional American soldiers and airmen (and presumably Marines and sailors as well) joining the A.S.A. military, wearing the A.S.A. flag, pulling down the U.S. flag and preparing for a war against the United States. I could easily have seen a Senator or even someone lower in the totem pole convincing the local military base to support his efforts to restore order. But never in a million years could I see the actual United State military supporting something like the Allied States.
On the one hand, some might say this is what actually happened in the 1860s in the United States. US soldiers joined a Confederate military, wore the CSA flag, pulled down the US flag and prepared for war against the United States. However, those were different times and the military was much more regionalized with nearly (if not) all the soldiers in a given geographic area being from that geographic area. So, there were no Virginian soldiers fighting in Pennsylvania regiments and no soldiers from Maine fighting for Alabama. Even the thoughts and feelings of the people were vastly different then. Everyone, not just the soldier, had a more "my state first" sentiment than they do today. In fact, prior to 1862, the entire military was a volunteer army. People from Indiana weren't drafted and assigned elsewhere.

So, I hear where you're coming from about Jericho. That was a big one I couldn't wrap my head around either. You've got all these solders in the ASA whose homes were in the USA and all they wanted to do was go home, yet they were good soldiers and didn't desert.

With one rogue submarine, Last Resort is the most plausible. To add to the realism, they really aren't hiding the breakdown of the crew. The SEALS have already "gone native" to an extent, it seems. I wonder if it would have been more realistic if some nomcom would have taken the Secretary's offer for "protection" and stepped forward. Of course, after the events in the previous episode being played over the PA for all to hear, would any of us be eager to return to a country that just tried to kill us?
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