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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Point of View: I love Alternate Universe stories. One of my favorite ever themes. And this one was fabulous! I can hear the Stargate powers that be, "Just feed the shippers this candy.. eat shippers, feed upon it, there's some nice shippers yessss.."

Every time AU Carter had a temporal cascade tremor which involved lots of convulsing and her head phase shifting in disturbing and dorky ways O'Neill got this disgusted look on his face. Each time it happened I thought, "this is not a man who should show up at his woman's childbirth, you just KNOW that look is gonna happen at some point."

This pic doesn't even do it justice. Thank goodness the widowed AU Carter was too busy Linda Blair-ing her head back and forth to notice.

Too bad about Kawalsky being dead in our reality. They should have had him in Atlantis instead of Rainbow. It would have been a more poignant end.

And I did have a laugh when we saw MU Apophis!

Great episode.

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