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Re: Last Resort was Awesome.

Again, I like the most recent Last Resort episode. And again I am wishing they made it into a miniseries. I could live with it being a single season tale telling one story beginning to end, but that still leaves the door open for the (what I feel is) likely cancellation. A miniseries would be all but finished, if not totally finished, before its first episode aired.

During the first season of Jericho, after the country was nuked, several men attempted to form governments. I believe at one point dialogue and an on-screen map indicated that there were six "Presidents" running around, though that probably included the Governor of Texas. By the end of the season and during the second season, there were three governments. Some low level cabinet guy running the U.S. east of Mississippi, the still independent Texas, and the A.S.A. being run by Haliburton and some Senator in Wyoming.

My problem, and by far my biggest problem even with all the other stuff, was that they had professional American soldiers and airmen (and presumably Marines and sailors as well) joining the A.S.A. military, wearing the A.S.A. flag, pulling down the U.S. flag and preparing for a war against the United States. I could easily have seen a Senator or even someone lower in the totem pole convincing the local military base to support his efforts to restore order. But never in a million years could I see the actual United State military supporting something like the Allied States.

The Last Resort though is a whole different ball game. I am glad that Admiral Grace's Dad admits that there are people in D.C. that realize that this whole series of events is really a problem and the President is totally off the reservation and in need of a put down. I also like, which I find odd considering the otherwise total lacking of believable military portrayals in this show, that they are bidding their time to do it properly.
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