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Re: Any old timers still around?

Ghouleddie74 wrote: View Post
Out of curiosity how many other people here have changed their screenname over the years? I've been cooleddie74 since the day I first joined and have never really been all that tempted to change it. I know we've had a few people who've changed theirs multiple times and for very lame and sketchy reasons (one in particular comes to mind but I won't mention them myself...if you guys can guess then more power to you) but as the years go by my memory of some board monikers has gotten pretty cloudy.
I've been Zion Ravescene since before I joined the TrekBBS - I first used the name on two different BBSs which I signed up to earlier in 2004 but hardly ever visit these days. However, in what will be very close to 8 years ago now, I didn't originally sign up here as Zion Ravescene.

Incidentally, I've been considering changing the username again - this time simplifying things just to ZR (seeing as that's how most people here address me these days - I mean, Zion Ravescene is a bit of a mouthful, or so they say... ).

TorontoTrekker wrote: View Post
I've been TorontoTrekker since I first joined. It's pretty descriptive of me, although the convention I volunteer for, which used to be called Toronto Trek, changed its name to Polaris in 2007.

If I were to change my name, the only other name I use online is a nickname that was given to me by a bartender at the place I used to hang out at, when I was telling him about how I was working on three conventions and trying to get a fourth one started. He said, "Your problem is, you're the boy who can't say 'no'." That's how I acquired the Livejournal handle "boywhocantsayno", and I use it in a few other places as well. I enjoy letting people misinterpret its meaning.

(Though I probably shouldn't use it on dating websites... )
Name changes aside, it wouldn't be you without that iconic avatar of yours.

In fact, I find that some of the most memorable users here are those with the same old avatars, never (or rarely) changing over time and therefore becoming inextricably but reassuringly linked to that person, to the extent that I can't picture the posts of that person without their avatar by their side. It even works in reverse in some cases, where I associate the image as depicted in the avatar with the user on the TrekBBS.
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