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Re: Star Citizen - Chris Roberts' new game

Stretch goals have been updated with quite a bit of information. The 30 month mark for Star Citizen to be released has been moved from the $5+ million to $3+ million and that they will aim for 40 explorable systems to begin with.

Some highlights:

$2 million:
*SQ42 - 30 missions

$3 million:
*SQ42 - 35 missions
*Star Citizen - 40 systems (released in 30 months)

$4 million:
*SQ42 - 45 missions, richer storyline
*Star Citizen - 50 systems, extra ship

$5 million:
*SQ42 - 50 missions, celebrity voice acting including someone from Wing Commander
*Star Citizen - 70 systems

There are a number of "locked" goals that I guess will only be revealed when they are met. Kickstarter also has different goals, which I think might be mainly aimed at backers rather than more general release goals.
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