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Re: Much love to Kes

It took about two years after the firing before Jennifer came up with a political correct statement about "contract not being re-newed". Before that, we only had the very vague and changing explanations from those in charge about why it was so necessary and beneficial to dump Kes.

And when did they take the upfront pictures for season 4?

What I've found out from certain reliable sources, it came as a surprise for Jennifer that she had been dumped and she was very depressed over it, something which is visible in the two first episodes of season 4 where her acting is not at the very best.

Another promising career down the drain.

But who cares, Voyager is gone since many years and there's always some new thing to watch, like NuTrek with the Kirk who look like my old school buddy Thomas or NuBSG with its uplifting and inspiring scenario for the future of humanity.

Or to be bored to death for one hour with Stargate Universe. Now wait, that one has gone down the drain too!

Just remember what Ray Davies of The Kinks once wrote:

But for those who are successful
be always on your guard
Because success walks hand in hand with failure
on Hollywood Boulevard

Who'd let that cat in here?

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