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Re: TNG: Indistinguishable From Magic by McIntee Review Threaad (Spoil

Yup, Iím a little behind on the Trek Literature Timeline. I got bogged down by another Trek book, but finally finished it. Then moved on to Indistinguishable From Magic. Like a breath of fresh air.

My thoughts:
Overall, I really, really enjoyed Indistinguishable From Magic. A real page-turner for me. So much so I gave it an ďOutstandingĒ rating. Thank you to the author, David McIntee, for such an entertaining read.
Geordiís arc was filled with twists and turns and I had no problem with the cavalcade of former guest stars populating the Challenger Adventures. I think the familiar characters helped my brain flow with the quick scenes and snappy dialog (though like other readers, there were a few times I would have appreciated dialog anchors to help me with who was saying what).
I very much enjoyed the characterization of Nog - of all of the characters I felt like he was the most spot on.
I also think a real strength of this book is the return to the Galaxy-class design for the starring ship. Like spending time with an old friend. (though too briefly, as it turned out)

A couple wishes:
I wish the ending of the book was a bit more satisfying. I wanted to read more about the crew when they returned to the Alpha Quadrant. A lot had been lost, and gained for the crew of the Challenger, and the final chapter or two didnít have the corresponding gravitas.
After reading through this thread, I wish S&S/CBS would invest in Editorial Leadership that would lead to long-term planning for all of the Post-Destiny Series to work together. Iíd be extremely bummed to have now read the character development with Geordi and have it all dis-regarded by the next author.
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