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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Go to the foundry mission search thing, and do a blank search under "Hot." There will be some that "Fed SFA Quicky", or stuff like that, usually right on the top of the list. There's one for the academy, the main base (ESD or First City) and DS9. Probably others too, but that's all I've looked for. There's three for each area, so you just sit there and scan one place, for three little missions, bam you're done, 50 fleet marks and 1440 dil richer. There's also some expertise too. And if you don't want dil, you can get an item.

On a completely unrelated note, I started a new toon (my second fed) and went to do the training mission for the charity guys...and after 50-60 Delta Velanis missions, still didn't get one. Funny enough, the very first mission I did at lvl 1 (besides the "grab your stuff" ones) was an Aid the Planet or whatever those were. I had donated some gear from another toon to sell, so I had the EC, but that was pretty lame. And even lamer that I haven't finished that mission yet.
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