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Re: John Simm wants to be the Master again

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Technically, Ainley worked with six of the seven classic era Doctors, since he did have scenes with Troughton and Pertwee in The Five Doctors. He also had scenes with Hurndall as well, though I'm not sure of he counts.
Well, the pedantic answer is that Ainley's Master appeared with all of the first seven Doctors, but only had a proper scene/conversation with six of them (he only gets to hold Troughton's Doctor at gunpoint in a crowd scene) and one of those was being played by Richard Hurndall rather than William Hartnell at the time.

So five proper Doctors, plus two more sort-of.
But some, believe that His Nemesis in The War Games was a Prototype for The Master, so, you can almost believe Troughton had dealt with him as well (Pertwee knows Delgado in the First appearance, Right?) and obviously, since Hartnell is First, He went to School with The Master, so....if you stretch Canon, you can justify those other two, IMHO
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