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Re: One Dollar Audios

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I'm curious. Were you given just one option for download? I had two. One was for the mp3 file only, the other for the audiobook. I went with the audiobook. It includes the cover, and the liner notes and all, but also includes interviews from the cast and crew.

I'm thinking if you do download only, it gives you just the mp3, but if you do the cd, then you get both options. And that's why I ask, since you have experience there.

I do hope this means we'll get the sequel a month early as well. Otherwise, that wait is going to be way longer than I'd like.
I got both choices.

I tried Audiobook first, thinking that would be broken down into specific chapters. It's an M4B file, and my burning program didn't recognize it (I think that's an Ipod file?). It was all one file, so expecting a 2 Disk Story I downloaded the MP3 version, and couldn't listen to them, but, was able to burn them. MP3 was the one with Chapter breakdown, and included I believe 3 extra chapters:
Ch 23 Interviews 1
Ch 24 Interviews 2
Ch 25 Interviews 3
(Plus the Ch 22 Trailer for Voyage to the New World)

So, yea, I got both options for DL_Only and was confused, but, muddled through it, LOL. Not sure if the M4B "audiobook" file will play my computer or not?
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