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Re: One Dollar Audios

SO, I downloaded it and burned it to disk, and popped it in to test out it's playability and I was reminded it's Jago and Lightfoot, I had forgotten about that (Have to pull out Talons of Weng Chiang to watch prior to the listening)

Surprised it was only a single disc story, most of the stories I've gotten were at least two discs or box sets. I was concerned about my download when I saw the files seemed to be a single disk (And fit on one) (Don't get me wrong, I'll pay a Buck a Story all day long, even if it was only half a disc long ).

Now, I'm gonna be staring at the disc, wanting to put it in, but, it will be so much better waiting, at least until the second part is released (And I'll probably get some more Evelyn's for the group in the meantime). Damn, I shoulda left it zipped up until later...Oh well, it's good to have to wait and want, right

I consume 5+ hours of Audiobook/Play a week on my commute, so, I always need to plan ahead
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