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Re: Jennifer Lien Was Arrested in July???

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A cursory google search yields only this other site mentioning the arrest, and then brings up a couple of TrekBBS pages (including, unfortunately, this rather distasteful thread from 2009.)
Maybe she found the OP of that thread
I was the OP of that locked thread and people, I didn't really mean grave offense at Jennifer Lien. But I was genuinely taken aback by her appearances in photos of her in recent years, in comparison to how she looked as Kes back in the mid 90s (when she's still a fairly youthful adult below 40), I didn't know how to articulate it more tactfully at the time. And even at the time I did comment on how happy and reasonably well she looked, and that I have problems with body weight.

We get so used to seeing very attractive actors and actresses in their prime on a collection of TV episodes from many years ago that we can be taken aback by how much they can change in appearance (like Jennifer Lien) or remain comparatively similar (like Patrick Stewart). And the whole entertainment industry is heavily geared around appearances, as vapid and cruel as it often is. Many people commented on how pudgy Richard Dean Anderson looked last Winter.

As for the mugshot and supposed charge of domestic assault: if that happened a couple of months ago than why wasn't it announced on the local news or put in her wiki entry? This one mugshot of her on a iffy website is not concrete enough for me and I dislike the idea of her getting on the wrong side of the law let alone supposedly attacking someone. What ever she was dragged in for, I hope is was nothing serious, and that she's doing OK right now. There doesn't seem to be enough info to go on to really comment and speculation seems to invite trouble (like spectulating why she departed her acting career).
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