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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

116. Cloud Atlas (B+)

The Wachowski siblings and Tom Twyker adapt David Mitchell's Booker-nominated, exceptionally hard-to-adapt novel for the screen.

I liked it as a whole, though for all that it gets praised for ambition it's appreciably much less so than the book. Obviously, many of the changes are just because we need to keep the running time to about 3 hours as it is, but others aren't time-necessitated, they're about more obvious/"relatable" payoffs for the presumed-to-be-simplistic audience (unfortunately, not a totally unreasonable assumption). To an extent, I guess they're trying to impose greater thematic unity on a book that was usually pretty opaque about the connections -- this is most notable in Cavendish's segment, where he gets a love interest for no reason other than to tie the conclusion more in with the other segments, and in Sonmi's, where they make such an enormous change to the end.

Best-in-show awards go to Jim Broadbent, who fits in seamlessly into his various segments, and Bae Doo-na (who really only has one major segment, but totally kills that role).

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