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Re: ‘Conan The Barbarian' and Arnold Reunited: Universal Reboots Franc

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Momoa was solid as Conan (and truer to the character than Arnold was)
^^^I'm so tired of seeing this, really...

REH described Conan as "Black haired and sullen-eyed, full great melancholies and great mirths," which is how Arnie actually played him in the first movie. Momoa was brown-haired and pissed-off eyed and the only thing "great" about his personification was the level of boredom he inspired in me when I watched him.

I welcome the Governator's return, however it manifests.
100% agreed. I just read "The Coming of Conan the Cimmerian"for the first timea month ago and see no similarities between the Momoa version and the book one. Arnold, on the other hand, definitely feels like the character from the book.
A great collection of original Conan stories, expertly illustrated by comic artist Mark Schultz...who didn't try very hard to draw Conan as someone who makes you think of Jason Momoa...
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