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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Alice, the nickname for the diabolical alien shuttle that Tom Paris once swooned over.
B is for "Brunt. FCA!"
C is for Cars. Some class-M humanoid societies visited by Starfleet had them.
D is for the dreaded Dominion.
E is for Earth. The capital world and most central planet of the United Federation of Planets.
F is for Frothing Ferengi from frikkin' Ferenginar. FRACK.
G is for Gall. A trait which Worf admires.
H is for Husnock. Something bad happened to them. Every last one is gone.
I is for Iden, a rebellious, sentient hologram once owned and used by the Hirogen for hunting and combat training and programmed to appear as a Bajoran from the Alpha Quadrant.
J is for James T. Kirk. Saving Earth and the Federation multiple times. And in multiple timelines.
K is for Kirok.
L is for Leer. Which Kirk does to every pretty girl he meets.
M is for Medusan.
N is for NONA!!! Mmmm, Nancy Kovacks.
O is for Ophiucus III. Harry Mudd was taking his women there to marry them to settlers when the Enterprise intercepted his small vessel.
P is for Pakleds. "We look for things." Dumb as a brick.\
Q is for the Qualor II. The Federation had a major surplus depot there operated by the Zakdorn.
R is for Rayna Kapec. Flint's hot female android that fell in love with Captain Kirk.
S is for Saturn, the second largest planet in the Sol system and Sector 001.
T is for Tiberius.
U is for the Ullians, notoriously skilled and powerful telepaths.
V is for Vaal. God slain by Kirk.
W is for We the People...the first three words of the preamble of the parallel U.S. Constitution on planet Omega IV, although the Yangs misread them as "E Pleb Neesta."
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