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Re: The Borg in JJverse

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No one brain cell has authority over others. There are no special brain cells that have more power then others. That's what the Queen comes off as. Your analogy doesn't work, the entire Borg Colletcive represents a physical body, the same way my brain is made up of brain cells that control my body. So the Borg "Queen does represent a brain cell that has authority over other brain cells, the Borg Collective itself would represent a human body that is controlled by individual brain cells, not the Queen.That is why your analogy just doesn't work.
The queen is not a brain cell that has authority over the other brain cells. The Queen is the mind formed with all those brain cells connected together. The body she controls is just a puppet. The mind is completely separate. That's how she was able to survive when we saw her die all those times. The body was destroyed, but because her mind was spread throughout the entire collective, it was able to survive.

The thing is the Borg Queen doesn't come off as the way you describe her, there several times where the Borg Drones are doing something and she orders them to stop it, like when the drones attacked Data in FC and the Borg Queen orders them to stop it. If the Borg Queen is just a physical representation of the collective mind, she should not need to order drones around.
True, but I view that as a representation for the audience so we know what was happening. I mean, technically, we shouldn't be able to see the beams of directed energy weapons like phasers - ever see a beam coming out of a laser pointer? But it's included as a representation so the viewer can see what is happening. With the queen, if everything was just in her mind, the viewer would have no way of knowing. We'd just see the drones attacking Data in FC, then suddenly stop, and we'd have no idea why. So they have her making some action so we know that she is the cause.

Frankly the Borg collective mind is far more of a scary prospect, when it has no physical personification, it is more abstract concept, not something you see.
Maybe, but I don't think it has to be that way. Have a read of my novelisation of The Best of Both Worlds (link in my signature), and I think you'll see that the presence of the Queen makes it a much more effective story when it comes to showing how dangerous the Borg are.

Frankly you really haven't come with something that makes the Queen necessary from a story telling stand point, what makes her an interesting villain, what does she add to the Borg as villains, rather then take away. All you have done is argued that it could be possible for the Borg to have a Queen, not she adds to Borg and how she is interesting in of herself.
I never said she is essential from a story telling point of view. I said that she is a natural extension of how I see the Borg as working - a natural extension of having all the drones connected together.

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She's written as a spoiled brat, actually, which, when you think about it, is exactly what she is. An emotionally stunted little girl who wants everything her way right now. And as soon as she gets it, she doesn't care about anything else.
That's not a scary villain, having that character as the representation of the Borg makes them far less scary. Heck most of the best Borg stories, like Q Who, Scorpion, Best of Both Worlds, don't even feature, so I don't even feature her, so I don't see why she is needed.
But they could easily incorporate her. I've already done a novelization of the Best of Both Worlds that includes her, and I think it works very well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you think it works.
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