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Re: TOS Botany Lab = "Outdoor" Recreation Area?

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PS, Before I leave, a case in point.

This may be helpful, a quote from Star Trek Sketchbook: The Original Series by Herbert F. Solow and Yvonne Fern Sollow. It's the lead-in text to introduce a whole series of pictures of the cardboard miniature sets MJ built and happened to still have laying around when they interviewed him for the book.

Star Trek Sketchbook: the Orginal Series says on page 94:

As if Matt Jeffereis didn't have enough problems physically designing the Star Trek series, a new and very immediate problem faced him in early May 1966. Each and every week thereafter, a Star Trek director would show up on his doorstep with a deceptively simple request: "I'm ready to go down to the stage to see the sets, so I can plan how to shoot my episode. Can you walk me through?" It was a question to which there was no readily available answer.

There was no way Matt could walk the directors through the sets because each episode had it's own set requirements and there just wasn't enough stage space available to keep all the permanent sets standing. There was no way Matt could tell the directors to screen the pilot, "Where No Man Has Gone Before," because so much had changed when the sets were moved from the Desilu Culver studios, where the pilot had been shot, to the Desilu Gower studios, where the series was being filmed. There was no way Matt could tell the directors to watch NBC at 8:30 on Thursday nights to get a look at the sets and get a feeling for the series -- because Star Trek had not yet premiered. But the always-resourceful Matt Jefferies had planned ahead. "Follow me," he'd say "to another room here in the art department, and I'll show you!"

Matt had spent his weekends at home building, on his own time, with his own money and with his own materials, a four-foot by four-foot, three-dimensional scale model of Desilu Stage 9 to depict what all of Star Trek's permanent sets would look like if they were ever put up at the same time. It hung from an art department wall and gave the directors the only practical, three-dimensional look at their permanent sets until that morning seven to fourteen days hence, when they would show up on the real stage to direct Star Trek.
This story focuses on the first few episodes, but never was there enough stage to keep everything up all the time. Stuff was broken and stored and moved around all the time to accommodate the day's needs.

Well, if you're still lurking about Albertese, I'll extend an olive branch, and meet you half way. I never said that the permanent standing sets did not have "wild" sections and were always kept ready to film, or that sections could be temporarily stored until needed. Nor am I talking about the "redress of the week" or the one time scratch built "set of the week", there is a difference.

I too am familiar with those three stage plans you mentioned, plus a few others, and they don’t really help resolve the matter. One thing to keep in mind is, we don’t know when Jefferies made his mini set and if or when he may have modified it before the series folded, so it’s hard to say what if any relevance it has regarding the status of the EMM and the ACR sets.

Granted, there's a little bit of a technical difference between "permanent set" and "standing set" which can lead to confusion, but as far as I've been able to determine, the ACR and the EMM were "permanent sets" even though sections may have been moved around or temporarily stowed out of the way -but no less so than sections of the bridge or any other "standing set", so we can't use the argument that wild sections and storability equal "temporary set".

Now, I'll concede that the Herbarium may have been a set that was completely "struck" when not in use, but I'm not convinced it was; so no hard feelings.

As far as a facility in FJ's plans that is comparable to the Herbarium set, as I mentioned above if we look at FJ's deck 18 plans, we will see his version of that set.
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